What to Expect From Your Homepolish Consultation

What to Expect From Your Homepolish Consultation

What to Expect From Your Homepolish Consultation


New Homepolish Clients

You've given us your basic info, and our team has paired you with a Homepolish designer. What can you expect from there?

Meet Your Match

Once our service team has matched you with the designer best-suited to your described design needs, it’s time for you to meet! The initial complimentary consultation introduces you to the designer who could potentially (Hopefully! Probably!) change your life forever. That sounds like a line from a dating site, but that’s okay because we like to think of our interior designers as platonic soul mates. If we did our job right and it really is a decor match made in heaven, then you’ll want to buy hours so they can get started on their plans for your space. If you aren’t totally satisfied with your designer, give us a call because – unlike actual dates – we’ll set you up with another, better match.

Power Hour

Our initial complimentary consultation is all about your designer getting to know you and your project and, likewise, you getting to know your designer’s aesthetic ideas and expertise. Your designer is a sounding board, so ask lots of questions! To make the most of your first hour together, keep these things in mind:

– Having a short list of design ideas ready is a great idea. Think about what you have, what you want, and what you need because these things aren’t always automatically apparent to your designer.

– Beyond design inspiration, it’s great to communicate your expectations for the project overall. Knowing your approximate budget, timeline, and your priorities will help your designer move efficiently.

– If you’re totally clueless as to what will save your place, that’s okay! During this consultation, you and your designer will brainstorm some solutions, and you’ll hear his or her POV on your space. But keep in mind, while our designers are talented, they aren’t psychic! This session is for laying the groundwork for your design and your relationship with your designer.


What to Expect

After the first consultation (which should fly by like a good date), your designer can tell you his/her initial thoughts on what can be changed. They can suggest paint colors, tell you their favorite furniture sources, and give you advice on how far your budget can go (so don’t be afraid to talk numbers!). Maybe most importantly, your designer can tell you where the design process should start (with an architect, with a paint job, etc). Your designer will have actionable ideas about what direction you need to move in to achieve dream space status. So ask them anything (about design)! They’re ready to hear your ideas and build your enthusiasm for the process.

BUT keep in mind that not all space is created equal. Your designer is a professional (without the ego) who understands how best to manipulate the things you have – and want – to work with in your space.

What Not to Expect

Remember, the initial consultation is usually only an hour long! Your designer won’t help you rearrange whole rooms, paint, have a layout finalized (they haven’t even seen the space yet!), and they won’t help you hang art. These are all things to look forward to in the design package after you buy hours!

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Next Steps after the Consultation

After your complimentary consultation, keep an eye out for an overview email from your designer. Notes, recommendations, inspiration images, and an estimate of how many design hours your space needs are all included. At this point, floor plans and exact product sources will probably not be included, as your designer still needs to get to know your space and your aesthetic.

Packages are customizable and personal. How involved – or not involved – you’d like to be will make a big difference in how many hours your designer will recommend. A Design Package is by-the-hour design with a minimum purchase of ten hours for you to use any way that makes sense.

And finally, please feel free to reach out to your designer or Queen Bee with any questions, comments, or concerns about your design process! At Homepolish, we pride ourselves on our Peace of Mind guarantee. Designing your space is a process, but we’re here to make it simple and enjoyable. We want you to have an amazing experience as you improve your life through interior design.

  • https://www.homepolish.com Homepolish

    Hi Karalee,
    That’s a good, classic Grotto sofa from BluDot! Hope that helps!

  • Alicia Renee Jones

    May I change/upgrade my package choice. Like what if I thimk I could do it with the single day package, but fail miserably and need the designer for more-the hourly package?

    • https://www.homepolish.com Homepolish

      Hey Alicia! That’s a great question. Here’s what I can tell you:
      1. When you first meet with your designated designer for your complimentary consultation, the designer (who is a pro) will recommend how many hours he/she thinks you need to complete the work. If you have your heart set on a single day package, they’ll let you know how much work can be accomplished in those three hours.
      2. If at the end of the single day session, you truly feel that you would really like more work/need more work, not to worry! Additional hours can be purchased at the increments of 1) another single day session or 2) 10-hour packages. (Sometimes when you get started, it’s tough to stop.)

      For more detailed info, you can definitely email info@homepolish.com!
      Hope that helps!

  • https://www.homepolish.com Homepolish

    Hi Kate–not sure I understand your question. Have you been connected to one of our client services reps yet?

    • 28lemons

      I wondered the same thing. At the top of this What to Expect article, it says “Where: New York City”, which suggests that the consultation is only available in New York City.

      • https://www.homepolish.com Homepolish

        Ahhhh, I understand now! Unfortunately, that’s simply a backend thing. WordPress automatically assigns a city to each of our posts, with the default being New York. Consultations are available in all major cities, and via video everywhere in the States!

  • https://www.homepolish.com Homepolish

    Hi Iris! That’s a great question. Some of our designers are, in fact, architect-designers. However, over all, partnering with a Homepolish designer early on will be very helpful as he or she will help you determine the best layouts and configurations for your home. If need be, they can outsource additional architectural work to within their network (as opposed to you having to find an architect blindly). Hope this helps?

  • https://www.homepolish.com Homepolish

    Hi Elena, there is no commitment at that point! If you feel like Homepolish isn’t for you, you’re welcome to go elsewhere. But we’ll definitely do our darndest to convince you to stick with us!

  • https://www.homepolish.com Homepolish

    Hi Mimi, our designers are fully equipped to handle whatever design need you have AND they are fully plugged into your local design community. So if your project requires an outside painter, landscaper, contractor, or what have you, we will make sure to match you with a designer who has a network of those sort of professionals.

    • Mimi Deus

      Thank you, I’m anxiously awaiting to be matched up!